RFC 4226

I found this when reading about OATH.  I am now working on implementing this in C++ with eclipse using the C++ development tools.  I find these are not up to par in comparison with Eclipse's java integration, but there is some utility when compared to vim (certainly not in the text editing field though).

I first need to implement HMAC.  I am going to use the strategy pattern so that any hash function can be used with my HMAC implementation.  Since I am not writing my own hash algorithms though, I will be limited to what Libgcrypt has to offer.

I noticed some problems though in my wikipedia research, so I corrected what I saw.  I noticed that Existential forgery had its own page, where as selective and universal forgery were on one page.  I combined the existential forgery page into the generic forgery page.  I then renamed the forgery page to reflect the use of digital signatures as well as macs, so now Forgery (MAC) becomes Forgery (Cryptography).  I also added a disambiguation page for Forgery.

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