Lesson from a Reference

I learned a valuable lesson recently. When implemented TOTP on the OTP Android application, I used the Java reference implementation from the draft RFC document. The outputs matched and I assumed everything was fine. Last week, I was given a heads up through email that  TOTP output values were not matching output values of other TOTP implementations. I assumed the other applications were wrong as I followed the true reference implementation.

I realized, however, that I was wrong. I was incorrectly using the source code by not verifying how the input was specified. The source attached to the document assumed that the ASCII seed had already been transformed into a hexadecimal string. For example, the seed in the reference implementation was "3132333435363738393031323334353637383930" which is the hexadecimal representation of the ASCII string "01234567890123456789". I thought that the long string was supposed to be entered by the user. If I would have though shortly about the ridiculous nature of that number, I may have realized my mistake.

I have released an update to the market correcting this error and a few other bugs. I fixed the activity stack to behave more in line with other Android applications (I didn't know much at the time of writing the older releases). I also cleaned up some interfaces to behave properly on different screen sizes.

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