DAAP with Android

I recently set up my router to port forward incoming DAAP request to my personal server.  Essentially this allows me to listen to all my wonderful music over the internet.  There exists a few problems though.  iTunes does not allow connecting to DAAP servers that aren't connected on the local network.  There are a few windows programs that do this, but just a heads up.  Also, My phone currently has no software to allow me to connect to DAAP shares.

I am considering writing an android application that would allow this.  I am still in the research phases though.  First off, the software would only be able to access custom daap servers or iTunes applications whose version number is less than 7.2 as the protocol was changed then and no reverse engineering has broke it yet.  Perhaps my reverse engineering course can change that, but let's see.  Second, I need to be able to make android stream an mp3 file.  I found this nice blog post which seems very helpful.  Let's see where this goes.
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