DAAP Media Player released to Android Market

I am very happy to say that I have published the DAAP Media Player to the Android Market today and should be available for everyone to download! This is an initial release with many planned features to come, but I figured that everyone wanted something to use now. The application uses a heavily modified version of the Java Get It Together Client that has been stripped down to remove all GUI elements, all external libraries, and the integrated with an Android interface.  The media player portion may look familiar because it is a modified version of the default Music player interface from Android.

We only have one server to test it on, but the application is known to work with a mt-daapd/firefly media server.  Please comment on the functionality with other media servers. A google code project may be on the horizon. For more information on DAAP, please refer to wikipedia or my previous post.




agentk said...

Would it be worth the effort to adapt daap for syncing music libraries?

Ie, I create a daap share from my home pc and a daap client on the phone syncs it locally?

Could provide some very interesting wireless media library sync possibilities.

Eric said...

I'm having trouble connecting to my firefly server.

2010-05-09 00:40:37 (ffa4c335): Thread 54: Entering ws_returnerror (401: Unauthorized)
2010-05-09 00:40:38 (ffa4c335): Thread 54: could not read: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

I've got my password entered and the checkbox for login required checked, but it still fails. I tried disabling logon, and then the application got an uncaught exception and stopped unexpectedly. :( Running an HTC Incredible.

Chris Miceli said...

There should be an update out tonight or tomorrow. Could you please try with this and tell me if this fixes the problem. On the plus side, the update will include playlists!

Eric said...

Worked like a charm! On a side note, it looks like this can't stream, but downloads/buffers the entirety of the file first - is that correct?

Chris Miceli said...

You are correct. Streaming will be implemented when things get more stable and I can find a good solution in Android. I want this feature too!

Barry said...

Very neat. Works nicely with my Netgear NAS (firefly server), client running on HTC Hero (1.5). It has the jolt in playing when a track finishes buffering. Bit of a delay when getting the track info (4000+ songs) but acceptable. Not a bloated app which is good! Thank you.

jy said...

I have a large music collection (42,000 songs), and the application crashes when I try to access it. mt-daapd shows, "could not read: unknown error."

Has anyone else been able to connect to a sizeable library with this Daap client?

jy said...

I should note I'm using a HTC G1.

Chris Miceli said...

The most I have heard of working is ~32,000 songs, but I would imagine that number is related to the device in which you are using. You could reduce the size of your daap library and see if that helps. If you could send me adb logs, that could also help. There is information on the android developer website.

Jurgen said...


I have also a large music collection over 45553 songs.
The application keeps force crashing.
I have an G1 phone, is there any solution to fix this problem without reduce the size of the library?


BooyaGadget said...

Hey Miceli,
I like DAAP, well done.

I shot some footage of it as a demo, I'll let you know when we post it at www.booyagadget.com thought we'd follow you as well to see what the hell else you've got going down.

Side Question: is it possible to setup a similar tool for UPNP video stream ? Please don't make me bust out my copy of Visual Studio :)


Chris Miceli said...

Thanks! I hope it all goes well with your website. As for your side question, I would imagine that UPNP technology can be used for a video stream, but I am unfortunately working on my master's thesis and don't have much time to investigate. Perhaps in a year I will find some time. Once again, thanks for the interest and comments.

Klaus said...

i love your daap player! i installed firefly on my xtreamer e-trayz (NAS) and it worked perfectly with my motorola milestone. now i can stream all my music to my android-phone (as far as wlan/umts/hsdpa is available). there are only a few things i`d like to see:

- bigger (flexible) font-size (skinable)
- download music-files or even folders to sd-card
- making playlists which can be stored on the phone.

thank you for the great app!!

Doug Turnbull said...

Thanks so much for your daap client. Some feedback/bugs I've noticed:

* If I set this up in a docking station and leave my phone alone for a while (TMobile MyTouch 3G) the daap player will play a couple of songs (~15 minutes) and then stop playback.

* If I have a file no read permissions served from mt-daapd, when daap player attempts to open the file, the daap player force closes. Luckily I figured this out and fixed my permissions.

* It would be nice if the default sort order was the same as the filename (not the song title). Many files don't have id3 tags for track number, but the filename begins with a track number.

Nick Gauthier said...

Just got this working with ConnectBot to stream music from Rhythmbox over 3g. Thanks a ton!

BooyaGadget said...

Chris, thought you'd enjoy our video and blog post using DAAP to stream audio from freeNAS to the Android.

Blog Post

YouTube Video:

Zaid said...

@Nick Gauthier: That's a great idea! I might try that also. Have you experienced any issues regarding choppy audio/buffering times, etc. due to the extra overhead of SSH and TCP?

Zaid said...

Actually, ignore what I said. I just read comments and realised that this isn't a streaming app, it buffers/downloads the entire song first. So there (ideally) shouldn't be any issues regarding choppy audio as a result of using this app through an SSH tunnel.

Chris Miceli said...

Streaming is in beta and until I get some time to look into the issue further, there may be some slight choppiness every now and then. I apologize for this issue. I am glad that everyone is getting enjoyment from this application.

bigdavel said...

This is genius. A Roku in my pocket! Thanks very much.

Piergiulio Poli said...

Hi, thanks for the app - still having some trouble, though. Installed DAAP on HTC wildfire it doesn't automatically detect the server (which Linux and MAC machine pick-up instantly). Manual input doesn't work either... Piergiulio

Piergiulio Poli said...


Claus said...

Great app, works fine on my Nexus S. Unforunately I need support for flac losless files, which are not working for me.
Hopefully this feature will be added soon.
Keep up the amazing work!

Chris Miceli said...

I am really happy that you appreciate my application. I am sorry to tell you though that all the media playing is handled directly through Android, so the app can only play files that are supported by your device. Some devices support more formats than others, but few (if any) support flac playback. There is one way to support flac playback that I know of, but it involves rooting your phone/device and installing a custom ROM that has flac playback. One such ROM is Cyanogens, but there are many others. I hope this helps.

CuzLuv said...

I haven't shot any video or pics yet, but DAAP works great on my new Motorola Xoom.

alerock said...


It works in my Galaxy 5, I think its ok, but I have a problem that I want to share

I use Rhymthmbox and the DAAP default plugin. Not all albums can be played in my device, but all of them are found, can be searched.

Do you know what is the point ? First I thought it could be some jpg in a diferent name, but its not. Maybe some diferent encoding properties ???

Its a great app, exactly I was looking for.

Chris Miceli said...

I'm not exactly sure what could be causing some files to not playback successfully in the DAAP application, but if I had to guess I would guess that some of your files may be encoded differently than others. The DAAP application uses Android internally to playback the files. No changes are done by the application for different file types/files, that's all handled by Android. Perhaps Android is unable to stream those files. Checking if they play when put on your sd card is a start, but that doesn't mean that Android/DAAP can stream the file. If Android is unable to play the file at all though, then you know that is your problem. I hope that helps you a little.

Proxy said...

hi I got this working streaming from firefly on my freenass to my android phone HTC Vivid. But I was wondering should this be able to stream over 3g/4g connection? as of now I can only stream my library over wlan. Also are you still updating this or have you stopped? thanks great app either way.

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