DAAP Android Client Updates

The first release of the DAAP client for Android had a bit more problems than I would like to admit. We have been happily working with many users to get the application to work in their situations, and in doing so, we have made the DAAP client far better than it was in its initial release. The changes below are great:

  • Major memory optimizations
  • Minor bandwith optimizations
  • Automatically detect local shares
  • Playlist support
  • Queue support
  • Rhythmbox as server support

By eliminated many buffers that were created very frequently, the DAAP client is now able to handle much larger libraries. It is also easy to navigate thanks to playlist support. Queue support is nice, but the interface is probably in its beta. The auto-detection of local shares is really hit or miss and I can find no reason for it. According to a couple of android bug reports I have found, Android does not support connecting to multicast sockets, but it has worked for me a few times, but not very consistently. This is strange. Streaming will come as soon as I can find a good way to do it in Android without skips and jutters.

My main point in this post is to get feedback from the users. Is the DAAP client working for you, and if not, which server are you using? Are there any suggestions? Also, if you like the application, please rate it positively.

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