Updates to mOTP and Utlimate Search Widget

I have finally found some free time to fix things that have been bothering me in my Android applications. That means updates!

First, I have fixed a minor bug in the mOTP application affecting some users. The bug was a simple oversight when originally implementing profile editing. When editing TOTP profiles with a non-default time interval, the time interval would  be listed as default. The fix was simple: pre-populate the spinner similar to how the other fields operate.

The second update was much more demanding. The Ultimate Search Widget application had no support for custom search providers. For instance, if I wanted to search my blog using the widget, I could not. I was restricted to a predefined list of search providers. Also, if I constantly switched between providers, I would have to scroll through the huge list of providers to find the search provider I wanted.

I solved the first problem by adding support for custom search providers. Simply fill in the name of the provider, the URL portion that appears before the query, the URL portion that appears after the query, and you are set.

Now this newly created search provider will appear in the list of providers when clicking the icon on the left hand side of the widget!

To fix the second problem, I added a preference type screen where you may click which providers are to appear in the list. This allows you to remove unused providers and make the widget more useful when frequently switching between search providers.

You can find both of the newly updated applications in The Android Market:

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