Don't forget about DAAP

I recently updated some of the Android applications my brother and I have on the market. I left out by far the most popular application that we have. I have now fixed that. The DAAP application last night received a small but very useful bug fix. I expect more features to come out for the application in due time.

The bug fixed was a user experience (UX) design bug. Take the following scenario for instance: Select a song to play. Upon selection, the notification appears and you are free to continue using your phone for other purposes. Suppose that then you decided to return to the home screen or another application via repeatedly pressing the back button on the phone. You can use your phone, but if you returned to the DAAP application, you would have to re-login. If you clicked the notification, there was no way to return to the song selection screen. Essentially there was no way to return to pick a new song without re-logging in, a time consuming process.

The fix was easy. I added a new menu option on the media player (the screen viewed after clicking the notification) that allows you to return to the playlists. To prevent overloading of the menu options, I moved the shuffle and repeat buttons onto the screen. They are viewable at all times now. A screenshot below is included for demonstration purposes.

You can download DAAP via the android market by
  1. The Android Market Application
  2. Scanning the tag


beakersoft said...


I was wondering if the version you have on googlecode is up to date, i was quite interested in looking at the code and maybe adding a couple of new features


Chris Miceli said...

Good catch. I have updated the svn at The Project Site. I hope that helps and I look forward to seeing what you have to offer!

beakersoft said...

Cool, i'll have a look at it this weekend