Scrobbler support in DAAP

A popular feature request for DAAP has been's Scrobbler support. Scrobbling is a mechanism that allows to know what songs you listen to on your personal devices, such as iPods, computer, or your Android device. This allows to personalize which songs to suggest more quickly than normal. Big thanks to my brother Michael for implementing this.

The feature is pretty straight forward. First, a Scrobbling application must be installed on your device. For this version, Scrobbling has been tested with scrobbledroid and A Simple Scrobbler. Next, navigating to the preferences via Menu -> Preferences from the Servers screen presents an option to enable this feature. From now on, your music listening will be relayed to your Scrobbling application which in turn relays that to your account! No interaction required.

You can download DAAP via the android market by
  1. The Android Market Application
  2. Scanning the tag

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